What is this?

Blogs are, of course, not new; they are the penny dreadfuls of our time, wherein anyone with a computer can spill their thoughts, ideas, and opinions into the world. If this sounds condemnatory or hypocritical, it’s certainly not meant to be; the free exchange of ideas can only be a good thing. Minds need air to breathe and stretch, or else they become rotten.

So what is this blog about? That remains to be seen. I chose the name for three reasons: my fascination with the natural world, my eclectic range of interests, similar to the magpie’s love of pretty objects, and because I am totally unlike a small, flitty bird. Basically I’ll be writing about whatever catches my eye. If some grand theme or direction presents itself (or is offered for cash) I will seriously consider it; I like sparklies too.


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