Here there should be dragons

The world as we know is a nebulous place. There are issues and problems around every corner. Constant pressure on everyone to stay warm, fed, and paid, getting ready for whatever life throws at us. And that’s fine. It keeps people on their toes.

But sometimes I’d like our problems to be simple. Instead of a War on Drugs, or Terror, I’d like a War on Dragons. Big, mean, fire-breathing monsters that would crush our cities and be a clear and present danger to our lives. Godzilla-like, they would be an easy target for our military. It would be so refreshing. No one would be pro-dragon.

We could sell T-shirts, have huge rallies (which might not be wise, now that I come to think of it) and just get behind the effort. A lot of our politicians would be at a loss, since what’s to debate? Can’t make peace, can’t cut the budgets, can’t argue the variables. Big evil lizards. Life would be good.


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