Sequels-Living Up To The Name

I recently, and probably against my better judgement, watched a movie called Piranha DD, the sequel to the 2010 movie Piranha 3D (which was itself a remake of the 1978 film, but that’s neither here nor there). I was idly interested, since the 2011 film was somewhat entertaining. The same cannot be said for this one.

Some people feel that a good movie shouldn’t have sequels, or at least only one. They argue that degradation can occur, especially if the cast and crew are not the same. The storyline can be disrupted and whatever universe or canon has been established will suffer, they claim. This isn’t always true; the Harry Potter films changed directors often and were all fairly entertaining. However, it’s a solid rule for a reason. If proof is needed, I give you the Highlander films.

Piranha was not on the same level as Harry Potter, of course. It’s not even on the same page as the Friday the 13 films or Nightmare on Elm Street. Piranha was a gleefully honest film. The previews and trailers promised gore and nudity, and it did deliver. You can’t hate something for being true to its nature and its promise, after all. The blood and mutilation were so intense that I was actually a bit horrified. Riley Steele and Kelly Brook more than supplied the promised skin.

Which is how we arrive at Piranha DD, the followup. It had none of that at all. Oh, there were blood, and topless women, but not the same spirit. Blood and breasts are what made the first one noteworthy and gave it whatever small fame it had, and it’s how the second one was given permission to be made, I’m sure. But it did not hold true to that promise, and when you’re making a sequel you have to dance with the one who brought you. If you can’t, why do it, unless you just want to coast on the name?

There are some quality actors in the film, such as Danielle Panabaker, Katrina Bowden, David Koechner, and of course the always incredible Ving Rhames. Christopher Lloyd lowered himself to appear in both 3D and DD, and Gary Busey raised himself to have a cameo. That being said, they do not help, and in fact make the sub par quality of the film more stark by appearing. You can’t sprinkle glitter on a dog turd and call it a cupcake.


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