BlackRabbit #CBR5 Review#9: The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King

I’m not as much of a writer as I’d like to be-it’s a work in process. Therefore I sometimes feel uncomfortable reviewing books by authors like Mr. King. He’s a household name, and icon, whether or not you like his books. However, I do feel I am a good enough reader; I know what I like and what works for me, and I try to review on that basis as much as I can in these posts.

I don’t like all of Kings’ books either. It was good, and the Shining, but Carrie didn’t grab me, for example, and The Stand was a mix of good and bad. The Eyes of the Dragon, however, is different, both in its genre and the style King uses to make the world.

It’s set in the kingdom of Delain, and revolves around King Roland, his two sons Peter and Thomas, the events of their lives and the impact of a terrible crime. Other characters include Sasha, the Queen; Peyna, the High Judge; and Flagg, the court magician.

The book is straight fantasy, with little or no horror influence. This makes it a pleasant break from his other work and a good recommendation to others, as well. The world and characters are simple and clean, enough so that I get the impression that King relished making his own world in this case instead of putting a story into ours as he does in his other work, though obviously that is how he has earned his well-deserved fame.

The story is also fairly clean and straightforward, though that doesn’t make it weak or without merit. It’s simple enough for a teenager (and in fact apparently it was intended for his own children) but has enough meat for an adult. It’s an excellent “beach book” for anyone-a good, self-contained story with enough twists, evil, love and loyalty to make you both wish for a sequel and glad that King has never written one.


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